VII Congress of Federation of Indian Physiological Societies (FIPS)


XXIX Annual Conference of Physiological Society of India (PSI)

Organized by

Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences, DRDO, Delhi, India

Conference Theme

Integrating Physiological and Biomedical Science Approaches to Improve Performance, Health and Safety.

Conference Outline:

FIPSPHYSIOCON -2017 will highlight the importance of Physiology as a basic & applied science and promote it's teaching and research. The conference will have technical sessions including keynote address by eminent scientists; oral and poster presentations; and plenary lectures. In addition, a number of distinguished speakers will deliver orations conferred by the FIPS and Physiological Society of India (PSI). The topics of discussion will be under the following heads.

1. Environmental Physiology (High altitude, desert, underwater space etc) 2. Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology
3. Exercise and Sports physiology 4. Nutritional, Metabolism and Lifestyle
5. Neurophysiology and Endocrinology 6. Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Immunology
7. Molecular biology and omic sciences 8. Complementary & alternative approaches, Yoga for healthy living
9. Biomedical instrumentation: Health monitoring 10. Occupational health and Ergonomics


Keynote Lectures, Plenary Lectures, Invited Lectures, Oral & Poster Presentation

Allotment of presentation or poster slot is based on approval of screening committee